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Micky Gives Proof, Jose Philip, Nilkanth Seek Time

While former minister Micky Pacheco today submitted proof as sought by the Speaker Pratapsing Rane, his two party colleagues Revenue Minister Jose Philip D’Souza and Tourism Minister Nilkanth Halankar sought four weeks time to reply.
It may be recalled that the Speaker had summoned all three Nationalist Congress Party MLAs in his chamber on Monday following a letter by the NCP asking the Speaker to replace its Legislature Party leader and Whip.
The letter had asked the Speaker to recognise Micky Pacheco as the NCP Legislature Party leader in place of Jose Philip and also as the whip in place of Nilkanth Halankar.

The Speaker on Monday had given a questionnaire to the three MLAs asking them to provide evidence of the party electing the Legislature party leader and whip and also whether the constitution of the party had provision for such a process.
All three were asked to give their say on Tuesday and while Micky Pacheco has given his say his colleagues have sought time and the Speaker, going by the precedents set by him earlier, is likely to give them the time.

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