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Micky to Launch Own Party?

Former tourism minister Micky Pacheco leaves for the national capital today with a definite agenda that will not only determine his political future but also indicate the way things will proceed for the ensuing assembly elections, a little less than two years away.

Speaking to Goa Chronicle, Micky rubbished rumours that his trip to Delhi was to negotiate with the Congress High Command about his entry into that party in lieu of dropping the Central Bureau of Investigations probe into his alleged involvement in money laundering and immigration rackets.

“There is no way I will ever join the Congress,” he asserted while disclosing that he is scheduled to meet his party bosses in Delhi to discuss party affairs in Goa.

Reiterating that the recent hurdles he has faced with implication in Nadia Torrado’s death and now the CBI enquiry are politically motivated because the Congress perceives him as a threat, he said the NCP has a bright future in Goa and he was willing to play a decisive role in making it a vibrant alternative to the Congress.

“The Congress has realized that I can get at least five candidates elected at the next elections besides the fact that I can damage their prospects in another at least 10 constituencies,” he said adding that this should be sufficient reason for the Congress to allocate more seats to the NCP at the next elections if they want to continue the alliance.

He said the NCP should pitch for 50 per cent seat sharing while expressing confidence that it need arises, it could field candidates in all 40 constituencies. “There is no way that we should agree to a lesser quota and definitely it should be more than what was given to us at the last elections,”  he said.

Micky has been busy not only identifying but even promoting candidates in many Assembly constituencies in South Goa district particularly the Salcete and Mormugao talukas with a few in Ilhas taluka.

Although he remained tightlipped when questioned, his recent moves and particularly the act of promoting Nana Bandekar as a candidate in Vasco which is currently represented by NCP’s State President Jose Philip D’Souza in the Legislative Assembly, indicates that Micky is preparing to break away from the NCP and maybe even launch his own political party.

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