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Micky Unperturbed, NCP Awaiting Order Copy

Micky Pacheco appeared unperturbed over the one year imprisonment ordered by the Judicial Magistrate First Class on Tuesday afternoon holding him guilty of assaulting a government servant.

Speaking to Goa, he said: “I know what the case is. I know what actually happened,” thereby implying that he was being victimized once again.

He said he would appeal to the higher court against the order and refused to comment any further.

Meanwhile, National Congress Party President in Goa Surendra Sirsat when contacted said it would not be proper for him to comment on the sentence until he sees a copy of the judgement.

“As the president of the party in the State, propriety demands that I read the order to see what the judge has said including the circumstances and the evidence, before I comment on it,” he said.

While Micky Pacheco has been convicted of this case, the police are yet to charge sheet him in the case of Nadia Torrado’s death following which he had spent days in the lock up.


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