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Micky’s Nationality Being Probed

The Election Commission of India has ordered a probe into Micky Pacheco’s alleged dual citizenship, a charge stoutly refuted by the beleaguered MLA.
According to Malay Mallick, ECI’s undersecretary, the Electoral Registration Officer for Benaulim, the constituency represented by Micky Pacheco, will be asked to pursue with the Home Department with this matter.
Micky Pacheco is alleged to be holding dual citizenship – one Indian and the other American, a country he frequently visits due to his business there.

Incidentally, Micky Pacecho has been representing the Benaulim constituency since 2002 and has been elected as a minister in the State government on three occasions and is presently awaiting his re-induction in the cabinet. Micky Pacheco dismissed the enquiry has yet another attempt by the Congress Party to harass and intimidate him.
Pointing out that he has been sworn in as a minister on three occasions, he argued that if he had dual citizenship, he would not have been able to even contest the elections leave alone becoming a minister.

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