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Micky’s Threat To NCP Leaders

Former minister Micky Pacheco who has been waiting for long to be re-inducted in the State Cabinet has now issued an ultimatum to his party leaders – meet my demands or I quit the party.
The Nationalist Congress Party faction supporting Micky has apparently asked the party leadership to act on their demands by Saturday, failing which they have threatened to quit the party and float another outfit in Goa.
The three demands presented are: 1) induct Micky in the State Cabinet; 2) drop Jose Philip D’Souza and Nilkanth Halankar as minister; and 3) in the alternative withdraw support to the government in Goa.

NCP General Secretary Prabhu Mone while confirming this development said the Congress is taking the NCP for granted not only in Goa but even at the national level. He pointed out that though the NCP High Command had asked Chief Minister Digambar Kamat to drop the two ministers and induct Micky more than a month ago, nothing has happened. Worse still, the Congress President Sonia Gandhi is avoiding meeting NCP leaders to discuss the issue, he said.
While revealing that the NCP in Goa has decided not to continue with the alliance at the forthcoming Assembly elections, Prabhu Mone said it was now time for them to concentrate on the 40 constituencies.
With this move, it is now quite apparent that Micky Pacheco is gearing up to float a new outfit in Goa as the demands made by his faction to the party leadership are difficult to be fulfilled. While the first two demands have been hanging fire for more than a month indicating that the Congress is not accepting them, the third demand made by them is truly unrealistic as the Congress-NCP alliance is not relegated only to Goa but is a national alliance that was forged before not only the last Assembly elections but the Lok Sabha elections that were held before it.

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