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Micky’s Wait Extended

Micky Pacheco’s wait to be inducted as a minister of the Government of Goa has been extended as Chief Minister Digambar Kamat has asserted that the decision has to be taken by his party high command, which is currently too busy with its plenary session,
Speaking to Goa Chronicle, Digambar Kamat said that he will first discuss the matter with the High Command and scotched all rumours doing the rounds about the swearing in ceremony.

However, by now it has become very clear that the Nationalist Congress Party has asked the chief minister to drop Revenue Minister Jose Philip and induct Micky Pacheco in the cabinet.
Incidentally, while Digambar Kamat was busy on Sunday with heralding in the Golden Jubilee of Goa’s liberation from the Portuguese rule, Micky was conspicuous by his absence at the State level functions held to mark the occasion.
Digambar Kamat who is slated to visit the national capital today, is expected to discuss this issue with party president Sonia Gandhi and other office bearers of the party in charge of Goa.
Although Micky Pacheco had requested Digambar Kamat not to object to any suggestion he may receive regarding his induction in the cabinet, the latter is reportedly not very comfortable with the idea of having him in his cabinet.
Besides the fact that Micky is in the midst of controversies over the death of his friend Nadia Torrado and immigration and money laundering investigations, Digambar is wary of having Micky as a cabinet colleague because of his rash and arrogant behavior even at cabinet meetings.
While Micky has been silently watching the unfolding drama, both Jose Philip D’Souza and Nilkanth Halarnkar – who has been asked to resign as minister – have been busy drumming up support for their continuance in the ministry.
The NCP block committees of Vasco and Thivim have unanimously resolved that their MLAs should continue as ministers.
However, in a bid to block Micky’s induction to the cabinet, some senior Congressmen are also expected to speak to party high command to urge it not to change the current dispensation in Goa.

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