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Might have to consider joining BJP: Former Congress Dy Speaker

In shocking expression of disappointment, the Congress Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Dabolim criticized Senior Congress leaders in the state and also at the Centre for doing injustice to him with regards to their decision on the legislature wing leader and even stated he would have to consider the decision of his workers on whether to continue with the party or join BJP.

“Congress has lost the road map to revamp the party in the state, I will hold a meeting with my supporters this week and accordingly take a decision whether to continue or join BJP,” stated Godinho.

He further added that being a loyal soldier of the party for the last 30 years, I never accepted anything from the party leaders. I would have revived the party and try to bring it back on track. It was high time for the party to realise this especially after the poll debacle.

However, many local Congress leaders feel that Godinho threats are barks and not bites. They also feel he is creating a hype around the poll debacle to increase his importance but has failed to give satisfying reasons as to why his recommended candidate failed in the election. Some opine that he is aiming for the GPCC president position that’s why all this drama.

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