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Min Malik attacks Centre over O2 quota

Aurangabad/Mumbai: National Spokesperson of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and Minister for Minorities Nawab Malik on Tuesday warned that the Center should not get into trouble by cutting the oxygen quota from Bellary in Karnataka.

In his statement Mr Malik stated that , the quota for the state has been fixed, now the Center has reduced it by 50 tonnes.

It could be used in the districts of Western Maharashtra and Marathwada, but the role of the Center is unjust,he said .

If 50 tonnes is deducted, 11 to 12 tonnes from Kolhapur will be given to Goa. The government provides 1,200 tonnes and the central government provides an additional 300 tonnes. But now it will be deducted from Bellary. The Center should not do injustice by making these cuts, he further said.

Mr Malik has made it clear that the center is responsible for the medical treatment of the people.

With BJP governments in Karnataka and Goa, it is not appropriate to pay too much attention and do injustice to Maharashtra, he pointed out.

He also demanded that the role of the Center in taking over the BJP-ruled state is not right when we need it,he added.

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