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‘MindScope 2019’- 4th Mental Health Film Festival (MMHFF) on Dec 22


Panaji, Dec 14 (GCEntertainment) NGO Sangath and the Trimiti Trust of Pune will be jointly organizing, Mindscope-2019, the 4th Mental Health Film Festival (MMHFF) in the city on December 22, 2019.

The theme of the one-day film festival is ‘Overcoming Challenges’ and will focus on two perspectives to present around the same theme. It will have the survivor (patient) perspective and the professional’s perspective. Breaking away from the stigma and gender stereotype, the champions will share their stories and experiences of conquering their mental health challenges and redefining lives. It will also highlight the unconventional approach taken by mental health professionals towards their work while serving the patients.

Sangath is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation based in Goa committed to improving health across the life span through task-sharing by empowering existing community with skills to provide interventions with support.

Trimiti Trust is a Pune based non-governmental organization working in the field of mental health. Its primary focus is holistic reintegration of people with mental illnesses back into the society.

Prachi Khandeparkar of Sangath said, “Creating awareness on mental health is one of our key activities. Entertainment is a powerful medium of education with a mass appeal. We are therefore hosting the, ‘no fare, open to all’ MindScope Mental Health Film Fest (MMHFF) in Goa since September 2016. Our choice of films is such that they are engaging and entertaining, cinematic yet authentic in their portrayal of the mental health problems.”

MMHFF 2019 will feature a full-length feature film –‘Nise: The Heart of Madness’ and six short films. The screening will be followed by sharing of experiences of overcoming challenges by survivors and professionals in the field of mental health.

The film festival is supported by the Psychiatric Society of Goa (GPS)


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