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Minimum Government, Maximum Governance in the Disruptive Era


In 2015, a lady hailing from Varanasi, travelling towards Delhi got extreme labour pain at around 10:30pm near Fatehpur Sikri station. She was a solo traveller and knew no one near to her who could help her out. The pain was getting heavy, yet she took out her phone, tweeted the Railway minister about her condition, shared location with them and tagged the ministry. As soon as the train arrived at the next station, a whole team of officers, lady staff and doctors rushed towards her, and the lady got her delivery at 11:44pm.

I believe this is what Maximum Governance means. Laying the powers in the hands of people and meeting the needs at the exact time when it is required. Another example being the banks where once people had to make hours of line for even opening a bank account, where the red tape of government officials made things worse and lengthy processes, delay in work and corruption did icing to the sugar, has got reduced to an extent.

People today easily register themselves through the official portals and get notified about the progress of the service from time to time. The pathway for permissions, licenses, and clearance has become easy, and the clear-cut hierarchy of the government posts and employees have become visible to mango people.  DoPT, Department of Personnel Training trains the trainers, which brings in confidence among people to invest more, and start their own venture in the nation which is slowly turning into a new, fresh, and healthy environment for business. PAN India gives them the authority to further spread the essence of their business in other states too. Since an industry is run by humans, hence many job opportunities have been created in the past few years thereby witnessing the progress of the nation.

To build a village that could sustain itself, a village that becomes strong enough to solve the problems of its community, and a village that can understand the value of immense natural resources present with it was the dream of the Father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi. A similar path has been created in that direction by strengthening the Gram Panchayats and reigniting the spark of Swaraj in them. That means, if the soil of any village is good for cotton, the Government provides enough subsidy and incentive for growing the same so that the area could be made efficient in its productivity and proficiency, hence reducing the dependency on imports, and increasing a healthy competition in the country.

Reform, Perform, Transform is the voice of the Indians today and no doubt, high technology has helped in gaining the goals of the government. The era from here is the era of transparency, where the works and data between the two officials lies unhidden and is loud and clear. The people today demand for justification of the Government actions over wide discussion which shows that the phase has come where it is the rule of Minimum Government and Maximum Governance.

Author: Irashi Jha

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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