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Mining Companies to challenge SC order on ban

In a secret meeting held between some of the major mining companies and smaller mining companies held post the declaration of the Supreme Court Order suspending mining operations, it has been decided that thirty-three mining companies who claim to be conducting legal mining in the state will be approaching the Apex Court to challenge the order.

Sources close to who were present at the meeting revealed that the strategy adopted by the major mining companies is to use the smaller mining companies that have been carefully identified to have minor violations but no defined illegal mining activities will approach the Supreme Court trying to impress upon to the Apex body that in the intent to keep illegal mining in check, legitimate mining business should not suffer.

Supreme Court in its ruling has suspended mining operations in the state and also the transportation of the already mined iron-ore. A petition filed by Goa Foundation was based on the Justice MB Shah ‘Goa Illegal Mining’ report which noted that illegal mining in Goa was to the extent of Rs 35,000 crore.

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