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Mining Lobby Agents Destroy Rivona Lady’s Abode

Agents of the mining lobby on Friday evening attached the house of Cruzina Fernandes, a lady living alone at Rivona and destroyed her garden totally besides breaking her tap connection and damaging the water meter and also totally demolishing the temporary bathing room constructed by her with palm leaves.
Cruzina who is living alone in the house for the last about two years, was reportedly targeted because she dared to ask one Deepak, a local leader why she was not paid any compensation distributed to other residents of the ward.

Apparently, every household in the area was paid Rs. 1000 as compensation for the dust pollution caused by the movement of ore laden truck. The money was distributed at a cross in the ward, but as Cruzina was away in Mumbai at that time, she did not receive the money.
On returning to Goa, she asked her neighbor Satish about the money and why she was not paid the compensation. Incensed with this, Satish’s father Kanta began abusing her and along with his son Satish and sister-in-law Shevanti threatened her.
Following the exchange of words, on Friday evening Cruzinha went to the market and when she returned she found her compound ravaged with all her flowering plants destroyed along with one chickoo tree, a papaya tree and banana plants. Besides, the temporary bathroom was totally destroyed and her tap connection was damaged along with the meter box.
“Although I had constructed the house around 24 years back, I started residing here only for the last two years and keep going to Mumbai frequently as my children live there,” she said.
Workers on the mining site who live as tenants in her compound were also driven away by Kanta and his group before wrecking havoc in the compound.
According the Cruzina, the only reason for this attack could be because she had dared to ask why she was not paid the compensation. However, she says she has no knowledge how much money the mining firm had given the leaders but asserted that many of the locals had told her that they were paid Rs. 1,000.

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