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Mining Policy ignores Vision 2035 Recommendation

The draft Goa Mining Policy (GMP)hailed by the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar as being in the interest of Goa has completely ignored the recommendation on mining stated in the Vision 2035 document done by the Goa Golden Jubilee Development Council (GGJDC) headed by the eminent scientist Raghunath Mashelkar. While GGJDC team suggested that the iron-ore capping must be maintained at 20 million tons per annum, the GMP has kept the capping to 45 million tons.

Parrikar prior to the election and even post the election in the first month had categorically stated that iron-ore capping must be between 30-35 million tons per year. Now, however, the stance has changed with raising it to 45 millions tons.

The CM had also agreed with the Mashelkar’s report when it was presented, but the mining policy does not reflect any of his previous statements on bringing down the quantity in order to make mining sustainable and environmentally safe. But the new stance of the CM is not surprising on the mining front because if he contradicts his own Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report saying ‘there irregular mining not illegal mining in Goa’ from what the report stated, ‘irregular mining is nothing but illegal mining’, it is clearly evident that the CM is playing to the dictates of the mining lobby, in particular few large mining companies and their nexus of traders and transporters. So much is that intricate web that the mining association is unhappy and now crying foul with the iron-ore capping at 45 millions ton, since last year Goa exported close to 55 million tons and they wanted to export more than 55 million tons

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