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Mining Threatens Western Ghats: Church

The Council for Social Justice and Peace (CSJP) a frontal organization of the Diocesan Church of Goa said that excessive mining in the Western Ghats is posing a grave threat to the ecologically sensitive areas.
In its World Environment Day message, the CSJP has accused the government of encroaching into the State’s green cover by promoting tourism in these areas, besides the deforestation and mining activity affecting it.
GSJP Executive Director Fr. Maverick Fernandes said that Goa lies in the centre of the Western Ghats and is endowed with among the best forests in the country, which is dependent on this link for the health of its biodiversity.

He also observed that these forests in Goa are under severe attack due to mining for iron and manganese ore.
He also called for an overhaul of the State’s Forest Policy to provide buffer zones outside the forest areas and total prohibition of diversion of forest land for mining purpose.
He also asserted that eco tourism was totally against the interest of the people of Goa and added that under the guise of tourism, valuable forest resources are being destroyed.


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