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Miss Bollywood is attending…

I remember being dragged by a friend to witness the grand show of Mickky Pacheco’s birthday party and everyone on the dais paid their homage by giving their speeches on the great works of the MLA of Benaulim and former Tourism minister, but when the two Bollywood divas entered Amrita Rao and Riya Sen all proceedings on the stage was called to a stand-still and the cake was brought forward for the cutting. However, while normally you would expect an ecstatic behavior of the crowd which was huge, nobody went hysterical seeing these two Divas. After the cake cutting ceremony both Divas gave their two bit speech on how great Goa is and why they love Goa. Media of course went berserk trying to get the image of the politician and Bollywood Divas. The people looked at the spectacle had their drinks and food before proceeding home.

In yet another birthday party this time of Vijai Sardesai which I am told was a great fan-fare, you had Celina Jaitley, who also did her bit of good words. Even at a recent function which done keeping in mind the 50 Years Liberation of Goa; the same politician had Mahima Chowdhary as a special guest.

Till today I am not able to understand what connection Bollywood Divas have with Goa or the people of Goa that the politicians are trying to please by bringing them to the functions; at least where the Goans are concerned. If you talk about pleasing the migrant population that has been growing in Goa, then I would agree that it would be a great treat for them especially the men to see these celluloid beauties that have been the object of their fascinations in real life. In catering to the migrant crowd, the Goan politicians fail to see the effect on the true Goan.

But does it really work for the politician. It is not like the Bollywood Divas coming down are top-class actresses with a nice portfolio of creative work that has really boosted the fortunes of the Indian film industry or in any way contributed to the economy of Goa or its people. These celluloid beauties are at best average actresses with a limited fan following, very little in Goa from what my sources tell me. Yet our politicians lay down the red carpet for them splashing advertisements and banners of their attendance to the function, like some royalty is attending and the people of Goa must sing the praise of the politician of sharing the stage with such royalty. I wonder do they give the same honor to our numerous Goan artists, actors, tiatrists and musicians by inviting them to their functions which they do sometimes but do not showcase them in such fanfar; like by putting their photographs on all posters and advertisement and even Facebook posts.

I am not sure if they celluloid beauties come free because of the goodwill they share with the politicians; but I have some reports that state considerable sums are sometimes paid to them for their appearances. And I see that as an absolute waste of money. If these politicians do care about the people of Goa, they would put this wasted money in a fund to promote the art, culture, theatre and movie business in Goa rather than pay those celluloid beauties who have not connection to Goa and do not care as much about Goa or its people; and I do not expect them to care.

Goa tourism had appointed Prachi Dessai last year as brand ambassador for Goa. There is no doubt that Prachi Dessai has a great fan following outside of Goa due to the ‘saas-bahu’ serials. But in what way does she represent Goa or the people of Goa, for which she became the Brand Ambassador of Goa; if used for an advertisement I can understand that bit of the marketing strategy, but Brand Ambassador is a little way off on the logic plain. In much the same way as Mahima Chowdhary being a part of new Goa tourism brand advertisement amongst other models.

Sometimes I think our Goan politicians are led to believe that Goa is going the Mumbai way, where everything Bollywood is news; like the parties in Mumbai where if you get a Bollywood person to make an appearance, your event gets written about. And that is really outrageous because people in Goa could not care less if Amitabh Bachchan or Tom Cruise passed them unattended. India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani one day arrived in Goa drove to the Inter-Continental Hotel and not a single Goan bothered who drove by.

It would be nice to artists like Remo, Wendell, Sonia Sirsat, Prince Jacob etc who have really done Goa proud on some tourism campaigns or promoted by the monies waster by these politicians on such ridiculous fan-fare.

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