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Missionaries of Charity ‘Baby Sale’ racket: 24 babies unaccounted for since January 2017

The Jharkhand Police conducting investigations into the ‘baby sale’ racket at Nirmal Hriday – Missionaries of Charity shelter in Ranchi told investigators that at least 24 babies under the care of the shelter are accounted for since January 2017.

This however is just a tip of the ice-berg with regards to the number of babies illegally sold by the shelter home as intriguingly records at Nirmal Hriday do not exist prior to January 2017.

Records for the Year 2016 and before have not been found by the investigating officers during their course of investigations and interrogations so far.

Police spokesperson and ADG (operations) R.K. Mallick pegged the number of ‘missing babies’ at 24 from January 2017.

According to the Investigation Officer, 121 unwed mothers gave birth and 97 babies are accounted for from January 2017.

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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