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Missionaries pressurizing me to take blame for ‘Baby Sale’ racket: Indwar confesses to Police

The employee Anima Indwar of the Nirmal Hriday – Missionaries of Charity (MOC) – disclosed to the police during investigations that representatives of the Missionaries of Charity were forcing her to own up to the responsibility of the illegal child trafficking racket.

Anima Indwar at the police interrogations into the probe of the Baby Sale racket at Missionaries of Charity, Ranchi

A police officer in touch with the investigation team in Ranchi and who was present during the time of the interrogation of Anima Indwar said that Anima Indwar had claimed on Friday night that she is being made a scape-goat. Her purported confession came after the CBCI general secretary and Bishop of Ranchi, Theodore Mascarenhas disowned her and defended the Sisters of Nirmal Hriday.

“I was just an employee at the shelter getting Rs 5800 a month who obeyed orders of the shelter home officials to deliver babies to buyers,” Amina Indwar told investigating officers. She has also revealed that she knew a good number of babies born to unwed mothers had been sold in the past from this shelter home.

Indwar also gave the police a chit which she claimed was given to her by Sister Conselia inside the Birse Munda Central Jail. The chit instructs Indwar what she should tell the police during investigations, “I have kept the money of two unwed mothers. There is Rs 78000 in the bag and I will return Rs 22000 too. Sister Conselia is innocent.” GoaChronicle investigation team has seen this chit physically.

The amount refers to Rs 1 lakh in total received from the alleged sale of two babies at Rs 50000 each. The chit purportedly written by Conselia, clears her of any blame.

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