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MLA recommends setting up of Development Committee in Chandor

Cuncolim MLA Subhash alias Rajan Naik strongly recommended setting up a Development Committee for the Village of Chandor-Cavorim after listening to the various demands from the people during his visit official visit to the village since his election.

“There have been so many good projects suggested which will definitely improve the village but to implement them we shall need co-operation from all sectors and that is the reason why I suggest that the Panchayat constitute a Village Development Committee by involving citizens,” he said.

He was primarily reacting to the various demands put forth by Ganv Bhavancho Ekvott through its General Secretary Julio D’Silva who presented three sets of requirements. In the first place while listing out what the village did not need, he said the proposal to demarcate the road from Guddi-Paroda to Chandor as a Major District Road was not in the interest of the villagers but in the interest of the transportation and more particularly the mining lobby.

“We already have one Major District Road passing through out village and do not need another one which will result in destroying people’s houses and compound walls,” he said. He also urged the MLA to immediately stop plying of truck on the same route as the South Goa Collector as already notified it to be a “no entry” for trucks.

D’Silva while stressing the need for a bridge across the railway tracks to connect Guirdolim to Chandor-Cavorim demanded that the same be done as a rail under bridge at the existing level crossing or as an over bridge away from the old Railway Station as resolved by the Guirdolim Panchayat.

There was strong opposition from the villagers to construct the bridge on the site selected by the MLA which was along the bypass from Margao to Curchorem. “We are suffering to the heavy truck traffic in our village and if the bridge is constructed there, the truck traffic will further increase which we do not want,” said the gathered villagers, forcing the MLA to do a rethink on his proposal.

“I shall consult everybody and take up development in the village,” said Naik while stressing the need to set up the Development Committee which would actually identify the needs of the village so that such instances are not repeated.

Naik assured that people’s wishes will be respected while preparing the Regional Plan after the villagers strongly objected to the proposed Archaeological Park in the village. D’Silva pointed out how the people have suffered under the officials of the Archaeological Survey of India and urged the MLA to intervene to clear this deadlock.

The MLA appreciated Ganv Bhavancho Ekvott’s suggestion to develop the village as a tourism centre and assured that he would pursue the three projects suggested in this regard. The three projects recommended were development of Oilem Tollem, conserving and developing the spring at Igorjebhat and converting the three land masses at Biczona into leisure spots.

Various other issues like setting up garbage segregation centres at ward level, repairs and maintenance of Paroda Canal along with early release of water in it, underground electricity cables in the village, menace of wild animals descending on the village, cattle menace, short staffed police outpost, sanctioning of Sulabh toilets, projects to be undertaken under NREG were also raised by the villagers.

The Panchayat through Deputy Sarpanch Marcelo listed out the demands their demands which included installing pavers in the market square, toilet block for the community hall at Cavorim, footpath from market to Cotta, water tank to supply water to the village, upgrading the sub-health centre to have a full time doctor, desilting the nallahs in the village an constructing dressing room and stand for the football ground.

Naik promised to visit the village every three months specially since he does not have an office in the locality.

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