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MMC To Act Against Errant Staff


Chief Minister Digambar Kamat disclosed that he had instructed the Margao Municipal Council Chief Officer to take strict action against staff members not performing their duties, and added that he would also speak to the employees union about bringing in discipline in the administration.
He said that the entire MMC building will soon be covered with Closed Circuit Television Cameras to ensure that there is discipline and that staff perform their duties diligently.

“We shall also talk to the union and tell them that while we have acceded to most of their demands, the staff has to reciprocate by working honestly,” he said.
He however, confessed that the proposal to have common cadre for the municipal staff mooted to reign in the indiscipline has hit a snag as there are some practical difficulties to which solution at the moment appears elusive.
“There are various practical difficulties like who will maintain the service record, who will disburse the salaries, etc.,” he said while adding that they are being sorted out.


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