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MMC To Revoke Costa Ground License

Bowing to the intense pressure from councilors, the Margao Municipal Council at its meeting on Thursday decided to revoke the construction license issued for the commercial project at Costa Grounds, Aquem.
However, the council did not press for its acquisition and Chairperson Sushila Naik ended the meeting without even discussing Sangeeta Audi’s amendment to the resolution to add acquisition of the ground for public utility.
Local residents who were present in the hall for the meeting were sternly told to maintain decorum when they also shouted demanding acquisition of the ground.
Later speaking to media persons, Sushila said there was no resolution tabled for acquisition of the land even though during the meeting Sangeeta Audi, Pratima Coutinho and Avinash Shirodkar were heard asking for it.
At the meeting local councilor Avinash Shirodkar raised the issue and demanded that the license be revoked. He got immediate support from other councilors like Sangeeta Audi, Pratima Coutinho, Damodar Shirodkar and Tito Cardozo.


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