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MNE Objects To Changing Of Street Names

The Mapusa Nagrikancho Ekvott (MNE) has taken strong objection to the Mapusa Municipal Council (MMC) changing names of streets in the city and called for a consultation with the residents over the matter.
In a letter addressed to the council, MNE while pointing out that the MMC does not have records of the names of the streets, has called for a consultation with the residents of the city who have a better knowledge of the roads.

The letter points out that roads named after prominent Goans are being changed merely because their eminence was recognized by the Portuguese regime and cited the example of the road leading to Dr. Olavo Ribeiro’s hospital which was named after Monsignor Rodolfo Dalgado a son of Goan soil whose work is recognized and respected the world over. Similarly, the road passing the MMC building which was named after the erstwhile Patron of Goa St. Francis Xavier has been changed.
Besides, MNE has also suggested that the area bordering the Mapusa river from the Mapusa church onwards, should be converted into a park for the benefit of the children and elders without fear of vehicles.
The MNE has also demanded that the MMC shift its premises to the earlier structure where it was housed as St. Mary’s High School which was running in those premises have shifted and the structure is currently facing ruin due to non-maintenance.
While pointing out that the old structure with its elegant architecture will provide stature to the MMC, the open space in front of it will provide plenty of parking spaces which is sorely lacking at the present MMC building.
MNE has also demanded that the new district hospital in the city be named as “New Asilo Hospital” so that the word “Asilo” that has become synonymous with public health care in North Goa be retained.

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