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Modi is a ‘Fraud’

Before Narendra Modi supporters start abusing me for this headline let me clarify that I am referring to Nirav Modi and not Narendra Modi.

Just like every Gandhi is not a ‘Mahatma’, similarly not every Modi is a ‘Fraud’.

But Nirav Modi is certainly a fraud.

I remember once sitting on a client meeting as consultant for their new brand campaign when the ad agency who had done the logo for ‘Nirav Modi’ were describing Nirav’s fascination for Hinduism. In fact we were told that if you look closely at the new Nirav Modi logo – it makes an image of Lord Ganesha.

Nirav Modi Logo

I am now wondering when he decided to commit the fraud with the Indian banks where did that appreciation for Hinduism go.

Today everyone who has ever associated with him will keep a distance from him like he is a virus (especially those who will be afraid to be caught on the wrong side of the law)

Priyanka Chopra brand ambassador for Nirav Modi came out with a statement saying she is going to take legal recourse for non-payment of dues. I wonder how come she suddenly woke to the issues of non-payment of dues. Or is she trying to indirectly tell the authorities that I have not being paid by Modi, so I should not be looked at suspiciously.

Politically Congress is blaming BJP for close proximity with Nirav Modi and BJP is blaming Congress for close alliance with Nirav Modi especially the allegations levied on connections of Dr Abhishek Manu Singhvi and P C Chidambaram and their families with Nirav Modi’s companies.

The nexus between banks and corrupt businessmen and politicians is legendary.

Lets also be very honest banking rules are only meant for the common man and not the rich businessmen and politicians.

If we as common people were to go to a bank to take a 1 lac business loan, we would be made to feel like we have committed a crime. But a suave businessman like Nirav Modi did not have a problem in taking out Rs 11,000 crore from a bank. I willing to bet that this fraud will run into another Rs 10,000 crore, in end,it would easily end up to being a Rs 25,000 fraud with other banks involved.

Some influential politician in the Finance Ministry would have ensured that the banking officials cleared the hurdles for release of the monies to the now escaped crook and his family.

Nirav Modi from the intelligence I have gathered is nothing more but a face to people beyond the reach of the Indian government who trade in Diamonds. And for those who are uninitiated in the dark world of the Diamond trade, it is not all glamour and dreams but about a group of powerful men and women that control global markets and sometimes governments.

The question is were the banks lending money to Nirav Modi to trade in Diamonds. Or was it a cover up to show money needed for all the conflict diamonds being dealt with from the African nations.

I believe that the Nirav Modi fraud is bigger than meets the eye of a common man. It is not as simple a crime as it is made out to be. The nexus will go deeper into the murky world of the diamond trade, the involvement of politicians across party-lines, bureaucrats, bank officials and glam stars who were a part of the fraud through consent or association.

The diamond trade is known to be controlled by two main cartels. De Beers being one of the them and the other controlled by Lev Leviev. The fight for dominance in this diamond trade is mostly between these two giants. Lev Leviev had reportedly broken the shackles of De Beers by going after the sources in Russia and Angola.

I personally hope that Narendra Modi goes after the fraud ‘Nirav Modi’ because it will open a Pandora’s box of political connections to the often not touched diamond black trade.

I also hope that those bank officials responsible for this fraud must be taken into custody immediately before any trail to the real culprits gets wiped off.

I also pray that BJP does not play politics of noise on those politically connected to the Nirav Modi fraud but actually act and put the political connections and bureaucrats in prison.

In the end, Narendra Modi has to set an example that crime does not pay. Otherwise just like we get see images of Dr Vijay Mallya sipping cocktails and cuddling glam dolls, we will have TV channels harping about exclusive pictures of Nirav Modi sipping ‘Chai’ across the shores in New York city.

Jai Hind!
Bharat Mata Ki Jai!

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com

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