Modi, KCR & Owaisi are one: Rahul

New Delhi, Dec 3 (GCCurrentAffairs) Calling TRS as the ‘B’ team of the BJP and Owaisi’s AIMIM as the BJP’s ‘C’ team , Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chief Minister K C Chandrashekar Rao and Asaduddin Owaisi were one and asked the people not to be fooled by them.

In a post on social media, Mr Gandhi said, ‘TRS is the BJP’s “B” team & KCR operates as Mr Modi’s, Telangana Rubber Stamp.

Owaisi’s AIMIM is the BJP’s “C” team, whose role is to split the anti-BJP/ KCR vote. Great people of Telangana, Modi, KCR & Owaisi are one. They speak in twisted tongues. Do not be fooled by them!’’

Earlier in the day, Mr Gandhi attacked the TRS government in Telangana and said four years of TRS/BJP incompetence, arrogance and corruption has made the people of the state cynical.

Mr Gandhi, who is in Telangana on Monday to address election meetings, said the Congress would fulfill the people’s dreams in the state.

In a post on social media, he said, ‘Telangana was born of idealism & great dreams. But, 4 yrs. of TRS/BJP incompetence, arrogance & corruption has made the people cynical.

I am in Telangana today to address public meetings & to assure the great people of this state that the Congress will help fulfill their dreams.’

Telangana is scheduled to go for election on December 7.

Via UNI-India

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