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Modi lauds attempts to convert waste into value

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday lauded the people’s attempts to convert waste into value.

Speaking in his radio programme ‘Man Ki Baat, he said that we all have seen, and heard about converting waste into wealth and in the same way, efforts of converting Waste to Value are also being attempted.

Citing an example of St Teresa’s College in Kochi in Kerala, he said that during his visit to the college in 2017, he found that students of this college were making ‘Reusable Toys, that too in a very creative manner.

“These students are converting old clothes, discarded wooden pieces, bags and boxes into making toys. Some students are making a puzzle while another make a car or construct a train. Here, special attention is paid to ensure that the toys are safe as well as child friendly. And a good thing about this whole effort is that these toys are given to the Anganwadi children”, Mr Modi said.

Today, while India is moving much forward in the manufacturing of toys, these campaigns from Waste to Value, these ingenious experiments mean a lot, he added.

Referring to the work of Professor Srinivasa Padkandlaji in Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, the Prime Minister said that he was doing very interesting work by creating sculptures from Automobile Metal Scrap and these huge sculptures, made by him, have been installed in public parks and people watch these with great enthusiasm.

This was an innovative experiment with Electronic and Automobile Waste Recycling. I once again applaud these efforts of Kochi and Vijayawada and hope that a greater number of people will come forward in such efforts, he added.

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