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Modi’s politics in ‘dramebazi’: Sonia Gandhi

In a sharp attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, former Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Saturday said the slogans like ‘sabka saath sabka vikaas’ and ‘Na Khaunga Na Khane Doonga’ as just ‘theatrics’ to come to power at the Centre.

In her address at the 84th plenary session of the Congress, Mrs Gandhi, describing Mr Modi as being ‘autocratic’ and ‘unleashing vendetta politics on his rivals, said the Congress will not bow down to this arrogance.

Gandhi called upon the Congress workers to be ready for all challenges to fight the ‘arrogance’ of power of this government.

Terming the slogans used Modi like Sabka Saath Sabka Vikaas’ and ‘Na Khaunga Na Khane Doonga’ as ‘Dramebazi (theatrics) to come to power, Mrs Gandhi said, ‘people have now begun to realize that slogans like ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikaas’ and ‘Na Khaunga Na Khane Doonga’ were just ‘dramebazi and ‘vote catching tactics’ to come to power at the Centre.’’

Describing Modi as being ‘autocratic’ and ‘charging him of unleashing vendetta politics on his rivals, Gandhi said, ‘in the last four years this ‘arrogant and power hungry government has left no stone unturned in destroying the Congress.

Tactics of ‘sam dam dand bhed’ are being employed. However, the Congress has never bowed to arrogance of power and will never do so.’

She said that the Congress has been struggling against the Modi government efforts to violate constitution, it’s insult to parliament, it’s foisting false cases against rivals and oppressing the media.

” ‘Congress’ challenges are not ordinary. We will have to face them, be free from the intoxication of power,’’ Gandhi said.

“This is our Congress Party that supports people and speaks against the injustice. We have to fight against all the challenges. We have to create a “pratishodh-mukt bharat” (a country free of hatred). And for that we have to work together,” Sonia Gandhi said.

Calling on workers to put aside their personal ambitions to unite to help the Congress come back to power, she said,”All of us should unite and work together. This is not the time to look at our personal issues. Party’s win will be victory for all of us.”

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