Moghebai: Forever Enterprising

Anuradha Balkrishna Moghe more popularly known as Moghebai is a truly enterprising woman who can be role model for women of present age. She has not let either age or the lack of degrees hamper her zeal for life and desire to be an achiever. In fact, she can be called a late bloomer as she began coming into her own only after her children were set on their own paths of lives.

Born in Kolhapur as Geeta Katti, Moghebai cleared her SSC examination which at that time was not Class X but Class XI. Soon thereafter she married Balkrishna Moghe from Karwar but working for the Goa Police and thus began her life of domesticity.

“For a girl brought up in a big city like Kolhapur, adjusting to the village life and that too in Karwar where I lived for the first three years after my marriage, was quite difficult,” she recalls. However, she was determined to make the best of what life had to offer and put her best foot forward and got busy becoming a home maker as by then she had given birth to her first son.

She travelled with her husband wherever he was posted and thus lived in Valpoi, Daman, Curchorem and finally Margao where they purchased a plot of the Goa Housing Board and live there at present with their two married sons and one grandchild.

As the children grew up and required less attention from her, Moghebai began feeling restless and wanted to do something to keep herself busy. That is when she ventured into business preparing pickles, papads and sweets at her house and selling them. Given her acumen and natural flair for meeting and mixing with people, it was no surprise that her business flourished and she became quite a well known face in Margao town.

In 1990 when a new Marathi daily Goa Times was to be published from Goa, some friends spurred her to apply for a job. She was hesitant as she had only passed SSC and she believed to be a journalist one required higher qualification. Yet she did apply and was selected to be a stringer, a job she took to heart and worked hard to become a stringer of repute.

From Goa Times she migrated to Pudhari and is presently working for Goa Dhoot not only as a stringer but also as a marketing person selling advertisement space in the publication.

“I have always been concerned about societal issue and was always helping people out with their problems and journalism is one of the best careers to do this type of work,” she quips when asked why she took up this profession.

Recognition of her social work came her way when she was elected to the Rumdamol Village Panchayat during the last term and served the ward and the panchayat very diligently.

Although Moghebai has now entered the 60th year of her life, her zest for life remains undiminished and she is rearing to go and do something. “After all you live only once and I believe in making the best of that life,” she says.


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