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MoI Decision To Be Announced On Wednesday

Although the Congress Party has taken its stand on the Medium of Instruction issue that has been raging in Goa, the issue seems to be far from resolved as its ally Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) has hinted that it is not happy with the decision.
Congress Working Committee (CWC) member and Goa desk in charge Jagmeet Singh Brar informed that the consultations in Delhi are over and that it was now for the State government to act. He opined that the decision should be made public by Wednesday.

Sources revealed that the Congress leaders in Delhi have accepted English to be a medium of instruction with the Union Minister for Human Resource Development Kapil Sibal clearly stating that the Centre had no role to play and that it was only for the State government to act on the matter.
Sibal’s clarification exposes the total lack of political will in the Goa administration that simply dragged the issue forcing parents to come on the streets frequently to press for their demand, which could have been settled by the government instead of leading a delegation to Delhi for consultations that were not at all necessary.
Meanwhile, NCP Goa unit president Surendra Sirsat expressed his reservations in the manner in which the issue has been handled. A former principal himself, Sirsat opined that the medium of instruction should have been decided upon by experts and not politicians.


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