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Molestation of Women- Only motive of Trinamool?

As we all are aware of the assembly elections going on in West Bengal nowadays, stories of violence, hooliganism are like the new normal from the state. Like these rampage stories of molestation with women by TMC goons are also not new from the state. Women like 85 years old Shova Majumdar, BJP MP Locket Chatterjee and many more are the victims of wild behaviour of TMC goons. One of these brave ladies is Mrs Rakhi Mitra. The dynamic Rakhi Mitra is rising as one of the leading faces of opposition in West Bengal. She is an active member of BJP and therefore she became the target of Trinamool supporters. In a conversation with Goa Chronicle, she narrated everything that happened to her on a very fine day while she was campaigning for her respected party. She said that on Monday that is on 29th Of March, around 1:30 PM in the afternoon she had visited Mullick Bazar area along with BJP’s Ballygunge candidate Advocate Mr. Loknath Chatterjee. They had gone with two cars; one is a big Sumo and the other one is a smaller vehicle. There is a Kali temple in the Mullick Bazar region where they offered prayers and after that they started their ‘Griha Sankalp Abhiyan’ that is door-to-door campaigning in the area.

Further she added “After our campaign that is around half an hour when we returned to our car near the Kali badi. There was a TMC office there. Around 10-15 people suddenly came out on the road, and they started shouting ‘Khela Hobe’ slogans. We understood they were trying to provoke us. We thought not to respond to them and went back into the car. While ignoring the hooligans and moving towards our car, we saw lots of police officers standing there. We told the police officer that you just told them we are here just for campaigning. Campaigning is our democratic right, and every party can do that. One-two police officers replied okay we see that. Suddenly we found that about 50-60 people were rushing out from the office and nearby area towards us. The crowd had sticks and stones in their hands. We pushed our candidate into the smaller car along with his two bodyguards and told him to take the car back and to take the U- turn because the road was very narrow. Somehow the driver did that and the candidate just left safely.”

Moving ahead she said “Our bigger car takes some time to take the U- turn because it was a bigger vehicle, in that time about 10-12 people grabbed me. Since I was wearing a saree and heels and could not run. They just caught hold of me and started dragging me towards their crowd. They were dragging me by pulling my hands. I kept shouting to the police officers for the help, but I got no help. Three of our karyakartas will have to just snatch me from them. By that time, the goons had already molested me. Our Karyakartas somehow grabbed my right hand and held me back from the mob. They told me Didi did not look anywhere and just run with us. We had to reach the main road. The crowd at that time was shouting and chasing. When we reached to the main road there was no vehicle on the road.”

Talking more about the attack she said “I am a very well-known face on Social media as I raised many issues regarding Mamata Banerjee. Therefore, the TMC people targeted me. That time I was the only woman present there. We were without a mask that is why my face was recognizable to them. The mob had also damaged my car but somehow my driver managed to pull it to the main road. Me and My Karyakartas got into the car. After a very small distance, we realized that our cameraperson is missing. He is a young guy. When we found him, he was thrown to the ground, brutally beaten, his clothes were torn, and his cameras were snatched. All of us went to the nearby NRS medical college and Hospital for the treat. After the hospital we visited Park Street Policestation and lodged our formal complaint there.”

This is unfortunate the condition of Bengal that Mamata Banerjee being a lady is leading a party whose party respects a woman and tries to harass her.

As Rakhi Mitra said earlier while speaking to the Goa Chronicle, the police corps in Bengal seems to be working for the government of Mamata Banerjee and not in service of the people of Bengal. While depicting the incident that happened to her, she said that the policemen deployed in the Mallick market were there at the spot witnessing the entire incident through their eyes, as even when she called out for help, they refused to hear her and ignored the bizarre event taking place in the full daylight.

On lodging the complaint in the nearby police station, she said further that the OC asked his juniors if the woman (Rakhi Mitra) who’s complaining about the molestation being done to her, was present at the spot?

Witnessing such idiotic question being asked by the OC, she quoted ” I am not Mamata Banerjee!”.

On conversing with GC, she referred that the executive body in Bengal is all at the bottom and the police force work their hand in glove with the government and not for maintaining law and order in the state.

In the evening, when the BJP karyakartas along with Rakhi Mitra blocked Park street to protest against the hooliganism done to them, the cops knew the issue and it was reiterated by her again.

The disgraceful comment of the OC on asking the victim of the molestation, “Were you present there?” has left a stain unwashable on the efficacy of the police force of Bengal.

Rakhi was brutally attacked by the TMC goons leaving marks on her body, her hands swollen, her modesty outraged, and she even suffered blood clots. Other fellow karyakartas were even beaten brutally. One among them namely Arnab Mondal was kicked, punched thrown to the ground and was attacked with punches and blows and his T-shirt was ripped off and shredded as lodged in the complaint.

“We were attacked by fists, blows and sticks by such a mob. we are even threatened of dire consequences if we ever ventured forth in the area again,” she said. Amid the Bengal elections and the upcoming second phase on Thursday, TMC is still not losing its grip over goons and torment being done to the people of Bengal. The number of BJP karyakartas who were allegedly murdered are not less to ignore and it is still on its passage to grow the digits.

The medical reports of NRS Medical College and hospital bearing IPC serial no. 802/2021 and IPC serial no. 803/2021 were enclosed by her along with the report filed at the Park Street police station. She further said that although police officers were standing at the spot, witnessing each brutal move of the TMC supporters harassing and beating them, they refused to even seek any help on the attack being done and ignored the event.

The Trinamool supporters who are behind the doings of such wicked act are allegedly known to be Dipak Das, Bappa Das, Puchu, Shamshad, Krishna Shaw, Dilip Ghosh (alias Bhola), Aftab Alam, Anwar Hussain, Azhar Iqbal, Md. Aftab, Danish Iqbal, Manzoor Alam, Zakir Iqbal, Amjad Khan, Babar Khan, Saikat Dey, Firoz Khan and their associates. “We are threatened for our lives, safety and security,” said Rakhi.

The sufferers of the attack viz Rakhi Mitra, Arnab Mondal, Loknath Chatterjee and other co-karyakartas on filing a complaint against the goons wrote to take cognizance of the situation happened and asked to take steps against and apprehend those who try to prevent the free and fair democratic system in Bengal. More precisely to influence the elections in the Ballygaunge assembly constituency -161.

On asking about the development of the filed complaint, she said NO ACTION is taken yet on the complaint lodged by them and that the law process has come down to its knees in Bengal under Mamata’s reign for 10 years.

The situation in Bengal under a lady as a sitting CM has indisputably seen the worst days and nights as the crime rates have seen a drastic increase in the past few years and the other issues like corruption, cut money, unemployment, murders the list seems to be endless. When crimes like molestation happen in a state ruled by a lady, what else can be more scandalous!

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Divya Kumari

Intern, Goa Chronicle

Shreya Gohel

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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