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Monti Dongor, A Ticking Time Bomb

Monti Dongor, the migrant dominated borough of Margao Town that has been credited to be a creation of the politicians for their votes starting with late Babu Naik, nurtured by Babu Azgaonkar and overtaken by Chief Minister Digambar Kamat is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode any moment as political affiliations keep changing faster than the seasons in Goa.
The recent flare up is nothing but a struggle for supremacy amongst political satraps seeking their own place under the sun. The two main actors in the recent incident Bashir Shaikh and Maqbool Sirsi relationship is that of friends turned foes as Maqbool the upstart is seeking to carve out his own identity after having worked under Bashir tutelage for quite some time.

The very fact that both of them are implicated in the infamous swords seizure case indicates that the duo were a team earlier. In fact, Bashir is strutting about in the area not due to his personal charisma but more as a lieutenant of his brother Jalil who has quite a hold in the area.
Maqbool who till recently was employed as a driver, has now grown in stature as with Digambar Kamat’s blessings from a mere driver, he has grown to be a owner of two buses and with the change in his economic status, there is now a craving to demonstrate his clout.
Trouble broke out this time around with a resident reportedly making a slanderous statement regarding Maqbool’s sister who took umbrage to it and took the person to task and in the bargain even assaulted him.
Bashir rose to the defense of the assaulted youth and both the groups were called to the police station where they reportedly settled the matter and promised to keep good behavior. However, it was an empty promise as Bashir who is Digambar Kamat’s man Friday in the area, wanted to teach Maqbool a lesson in order to clip his rapidly growing wings.
Their rivalry started with the Municipal elections as Maqbool threw his weight around Iqbal the long time associate of Digambar Kamat while Bashir stood by Laxmikant Kamat – Digambar Kamat’s cousin who was fielded by Digambar at the last minute.
As Laxmikant won the elections, his supporters are now busy asserting their hegemony over the area and that is why the conflicts occur as Maqbool and his group is resisting it.
Tuesday’s incident was not the first nor will it be the last and the Margao Police are aware of it and yet cannot do anything as political patronage coming from the top most office in Goa is involved. And the pot will continue to simmer till it erupts one day by when it will be too late and probably everybody will sit to discuss about the wasted opportunities that could have avoided the conflagration.
All this for the 1,900 registered voters at Monti Dongor which are a prized possession as they generally vote en masse and usually decide the fate of the candidate contesting from Margao assembly constituency.

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