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Monti Dongor Erupts Yet Again


Chief Minister Digambar Kamat said he has asked police to crack down on anti-social elements at Monti Dongor Margao after violence erupted in this migrant dominated area of the town which is the stronghold of the Chief Minister.
Monti Dongor has been simmering with tension since the municipal elections as there was a virtual divide between Digambar Kamat’s supporters with one group standing by his cousin Laxmikant Kamat and the other group by the Congress worker Iqbal.
Trouble broke out on Tuesday evening after a 10-member group led by Bashir – a close confidant of the chief minister – attacked Maqbool as he was driving a bus. The gang travelling in a Tata Sumo jeep waylaid the bus and attacked Maqbool with iron rods and dhandas. Even passengers were not spared.

As Maqbool managed to escape, the gang then descended on Monti Dongor and went on a rampage assaulting people including women and even ransacking houses.
Six persons were rushed to Hospicio where they are undergoing treatment even as a bus load of people descended upon the Margao Police Station to lodge their complaint.
Even as a strong contingent of police was dispatched to Monti Dongor to bring the situation under control, police arrested six persons by late night. However, the main accused Bashir managed to evade the police dragnet.
Maqbool who suffered head injuries named Bashir, Rafiq, Anwar, Rabani and others as his assailants. While Sakira a resident of the area disclosed that even minor children were beaten by the goons, Muneera, another resident said her mangalsutra was snatched by one of the goodas.
Incidentally, both Bashir and Maqbool are accused in the infamous sword seizure case indicating that they are basically friends turned foes all due to the municipal elections.
Meanwhile, Digambar Kamat asserted that there was no politics involved in the incident and admitted that both, the assailant as well as the victim were his supporters.
He however said that he had asked the police to crack down on those responsible for the violence.
This is the second such major violent incident at Monti Dongor since the Municipal elections.


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