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Mopa Airport to be commissioned by September 2020: Parrikar

Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has informed State Legislative Assembly on Thursday that first phase of Mopa Airport is expected to be commissioned by September 2020.

In a written reply in response to a question tabled by Congress MLA Nilkanth Halarnkar, Mr Parrikar, who also holds Civil Aviation portfolio, said development of Mopa Airport had begun and the earth work was in progress.

‘The first phase of Mopa Airport is expected to be commissioned by September 2020,’ he said.

Giving details of new vacancies or jobs that would be created at Mopa Airport and number of the jobs that would be reserved for Goans, the Chief Minister said,’There are 21 Goans on the rolls of GMR International Airport Limited comprising one HR Head, one GM, two AGM, one Manager, one Assistant Manager, one Associate, one Technician, one Driver and 12 Field Assistants.’

‘During construction phase vacancies or jobs will be of temporary nature and requirement will arise depending upon progress of work. Goans will get preference in all such vacancies or jobs as per clause 5.9 of Concession Agreement,’ he said.

He said in Raxa Security Services Limited, a security services agency, presently, seven Goans were working and additional 30 were undergoing training, in VAR Facility Management Services Limited, a housekeeping agency, number of Goans working was seven and in Profile XL Services Pvt Ltd, manpower agency, number of Goans working were seven.

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