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More detections under NDPS in Hamirpur in year 2020: SP

Hamirpur: There has been improvement in the working of the police department in the district during the year 2020 despite the Corona pandemic that has spread all over the world.

This was claimed by the District police chief, Dr G Karthikeyan here on Friday.

He said today that the police had registered 58 cases under NDPS act this year as against 52 last year. It was due to the constant efforts of the police that the drug peddlers were apprehended and taken to task. During the year 4.102 kilograms of charas, 932 grams opium, 3.883 kilograms of poppy husk, 37.09 kilograms of opium doda, 602.43 grams of heroin(chitta) and 21,800 tablets of Tramadol and Alprazolam were recovered from drug mafia and challans had been pout in the court against the arrested persons. He said that efforts were made to nab the kingpins in view to save the young generation from the menace of the drugs.

The SP said that there has been an increase of 4 per cent in the registration of cases under the excise act and 40 per cent increase in the detection of the material from the offenders.

He claimed that there had been a comparative decrease in the registration of cases and increase in detection in cases of burglary cases in the district during the year and as many as eleven cases were registered this year as against 21 last year.

The SP said that the number of theft cases during the year also came down from sixteen to eleven and there has been a decrease in registration by 45.45 per cent and decrease in recovery by 21 per cent.

He said that during the year 2020 as many as 97 road accident cases were reported and twenty-six people died and 111 injured as against 109 killed in year 2019 and 28 dead.

As far as cases of murders are concerned during the year 2020, five cases were registered as against two cases in year 2019.

Similarly, the number of rape cases in the district also came down to just six as against 18 in year 2019.

Under the POCSO act, eleven cases were registered during the year 2020 as against sixteen in year 2019 and all cases have been investigated into and challans put up in the courts accordingly.

He said that the police took timely steps and was able to trace as many as 57 missing persons through the special squads set up by the department.

Karthkeyan said that as many as 71 police personnel were caught by the COVID-19 while performing their law and order duties out of which five were active cases and 66 officials/officers recovered. He said that during the COVID-19 period, the department resorted to special campaigns and distributed masks to the people and made them understand the importance of social distancing.

He said that during the year 2020 as many as 2,787 passport verifications were done within twenty-four hours so that there were no problems to people seeking passports.

The district police chief said that the police had taken services of drones and other modern equipment for keeping a vigil over the activities of the law breakers and apprehend them.

The SP thanked the people of the district for co-operating with the department in maintaining the law and order and said that this tempo would also be maintained during the year 2021.

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