MoU Signed between Swedish Wood and Furniture and Fittings Skill Council of India


Swedish Wood today signed an MoU with FFSC (Furniture and Fittings Skill Council). This MoU was signed keeping in mind the shortage of skilled manpower in the Indian wood, furniture and fittings sector and to facilitate creation and exchange of knowledge between the signing parties for skill development. The Deputy Trade Commissioner of Sweden to India – Mr. Magnus Andersson and Ms. Charlotte Dedye Apelgren, Director Interior & Design at Swedish Wood, were present during the signing of MoU. The MoU was signed at India Wood, 10th International Trade Fair for Furniture Production Technologies, Woodworking Machinery, Tools, Fittings, Accessories, Raw Materials and Products.



Left to Right – Mr. Devesh Sharma, Head – State Engagement FFSC, Mr. Shrikanth Sasi, Manager – Task Forces FFSC and Ms. Charlotte Dedye Apelgren, Director Interior & Design at Swedish Wood


Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Magnus Andersson said, “The MoU signed today reflects the strong relations between the signing parties. Herein after the relationship will only grow stronger and each party will stay committed to deliver the best to the India Market. With this MoU, we can look at skilled manpower and better knowledge exchange for our India markets.”



Charlotte Dedye Apelgren

“India is a rather new market for Swedish sawn timber, but the Swedish sawmill industry experiences an increased interest for sawn timber from Sweden from the Indian wood processing industry”, says Charlotte Dedye Apelgren, Director Interior & Design at Swedish Wood. Further adding on she said, “We also see an increased demand in the world for natural and renewable materials like Swedish timber. All Swedish timber comes from sustainably managed forests, where every harvested tree is replaced by several new planted seedlings. This MoU with the FFSC will help us better serve the Indian markets and supply the finest quality of wood.”


The Swedish sawmill industry, gathered under the name Swedish Wood, is participating in the India Wood fair in Bangalore, and the conference Timber Forum organized by the fair. At the event, Swedish Wood will highlight the benefits of Swedish timber and its application in modern design and architecture, including the benefits of using Swedish wood as an innovative material to support the Indian wood processing industry.


In India, the Swedish sawmill industry sees a potential to support the Indian furniture and joinery industry with high quality Swedish pine.


The total Swedish production of sawn and planed timber is 18 million cubic meters, whereof 13 million cubic meters are exported, making Sweden the third largest exporterin the world, by volume, of sawn and planed timber. Sweden exports sawn timber mainly to Europe, North Africa& the Middle East and Asia.


About Wood from Sweden and Swedish Wood

The Swedish wood species

The Swedish sawn timber consists mainly of two conifer species: spruce (Picea abies) and pine (Pinus sylvestris). Swedish pine is mainly used for interior decoration and Swedish spruce is mainly used as a construction material (for example as glulam).


Swedish pine in interior decoration

Swedish pine is a wood species that is widely used in furnishing and interior decoration over the world. After planing and polishing Swedish pine displays a velvet-like surface. It is then easily glued into different products and surface treated. The surface of Swedish pine offers endless aesthetic possibilities. It can for example be brushed, sanded or carved to give the wood different textures. Swedish pine also has the advantage of being a light coloured wood species, which can easily be stained in different colours and shades.


Thanks to its high quality, Swedish pine is a material that is very well suited for both handicraft and industrial production ofproducts like furniture, doors and windows. The Swedish sawmill companies can deliver wood adapted to the needs of the industry: wood with a consistent quality, precise dimensions and a low moisture content.


About Swedish Wood’s participation in India Wood

The fair India Wood takes place from the 8th to the 12st of March 2018. Swedish Wood has a booth in hall no 4, booth number D414 at the India Wood fair 2018, March 8th – 12th. The Swedish Wood booth is both a place for business meetings between fair visitors and representatives from the Swedish sawmill companies, and an exhibition about Swedish timber showcasing it’s uses and qualities.


The following nine Swedish sawmill companies will be represented in Swedish Wood’s booth: Holmen Timber, Martinsons, Moelven, Norra Timber, Norrskog Wood Products, SCA Timber, Setra Group, Siljan Timber and Södra.


Swedish Wood will participate in the Timber Forum conference held on the 10th of March, which will be conducted in cooperation with the fair organization as well as other exhibitors and wood organizations. The topics brought up by Swedish Wood willinclude inspiration about the usage of Swedish wood in design and architecture, and technical information about the characteristics of the Swedish wood species pine and spruce.


Swedish Wood

Swedish Wood spreads knowledge, provides inspiration and encourages development relating to wood, wood products and wood construction. The goal is to increase the use of wood in Sweden and in selected international markets through information and inspiration. Swedish Wood also aims to highlight wood as a competitive, eco-friendly and sustainable material.


Swedish Wood is a department within The Swedish Forest Industries Federation. Swedish Wood is supported by the Swedish sawmill and glulam industries.


Source: NV1


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