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MP Government acts in support of Orphaned Kids

The Shivraj Singh Chouhan government has announced supporting the children who lost their parents due to the COVID pandemic. A monthly pension of Rs. 5000, free ration, and free education would be provided by the state, coming as a refuge to the future of these kids. Along with this, the state government would also act as a guarantor for those who want interest-free loans to everyday business. When the pandemic has made lives vulnerable, this surely comes as a relief to the young people.

COVID has taken a toll in the country and almost everyday is surrounded by the news of deaths and devastations. Amidst this, a government speaking up about the orphaned kids as the ‘children of the state’ really need to be an example to lead. MP being the first state with such an initiative shows how it is not only the health infrastructure the governments shall show sensitivity towards but also the social infrastructure that needs their attention and children are the future of it.

The MP government has always been known for its innovative policies that intend to make lives better in the state. This too can be counted as one. Thus, other state governments can come up with the same support system. Also, the central Government can provide leverage to the states and encourage them to take up such initiatives via centrally sponsored schemes. This would not only be a humanitarian act but would also boost the work of many non-governmental bodies engaged in philanthropic activities. As some NGOs are complaining about how difficult their work has become due to the check on foreign funding, the state governments can do away with the propaganda against India that comes along with these types of funding by providing the support of the government machinery.

Along with these supports meant to build a future for the children, the governments can also take up the task of providing psychological refuge to the kids and the elderly, who have been the most affected by the pandemic. The negative news that has flooded the media, loss of loved ones, and uncertainty about how lives would turn out in a post-pandemic world calls for mental support and counselling programs. Also, news like these must be covered in large by the media too thereby letting people know that the state is there for them.

The CM of MP lovingly called as ‘mama’ by the people of the state has firmly said “We can’t leave such persons alone, they are the responsibility of the MP state government.” If the same affirmation and intention would be shown by other states too along with actions, we probably would be able to realize what power decentralization can do in a federal state like India.

Probably, we need leaderships that know more of their responsibilities at their level and less of indulging in the blame game about who exactly is to be blamed for the crisis. ‘Now’ demands a federal governance structure that unites India so that the population of 1.3 billion can see a ‘tomorrow’ where life and health risks like these are no more a threat.

Shobhna Dheemati

Intern, Goa Chronicle

DISCLAIMER: This article reflects author’s view point. Goa Chronicle may or may not subscribe to views of the author

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