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MPCC accuses Union Health Min of being unfair in terms of covid vaccinations in Maharashtra

Mumbai: Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) on Thursday said that finally the anti-Maharashtra face of the Union Health Minister and the Modi government came to light today.

In a tweet MPCC stated that, as expected, Union Health Minister Harshvardhan has begun to blame his unplanned administration in the states, especially the non-BJP-ruled states.

In his letter, the Union Health Minister deliberately gave detailed statistics of non-BJP ruled states of Maharashtra, Delhi and Punjab.

But while doing this, he deliberately forgot to give detailed statistics of other BJP ruled states where the Covid situation also worsened.

The Union Health Minister conveniently avoided mentioning the highest number of tests in Maharashtra.

Because if that was done, the way BJP-ruled states have tried to suppress the statistics of Corona patients by conducting less tests would have been exposed, MPCC further stated .

The Union Health Minister has said that vaccination has been started in consultation with the states as the stock of vaccines is limited, but he is not ready to comment on the demand made by the states from time to time and the failure of the BJP government to meet it, MPCC alleged.

Today, with many vaccination centers closing down due to shortage of vaccines, the Union Health Minister has started issuing leaflets to cover the failure of the vaccine supply.

But in doing so, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has preferred to be swayed by the demand for vaccination of all over 18 years of age, MPCC added.

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