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MPT Pegs Losses At Rs. 20 Crore

According to Mormugao Port Trust Chairman P Mara Pandiyan, the port suffered losses to the tune of Rs. 20 crore due to the agitation by residents of Khariwado on Friday which resulted in paralyzing the port’s operations totally.
The agitation under the banner of Kariwado Affected People (KAP) totally paralysed operations at the port as not only was the navigational channel blocked by anchoring trawlers, barges and even motor boats but even the main gate of the port was blocked by parking trucks there.
A cruise liner that was scheduled to call on the Mormugao Port cancelled its trip and instead went to Mumbai.
Besides the losses caused to the port, it also suffered the indignity of having its 126th anniversary celebration turning into a damp squib as most dignitaries gave it a skip in view of the tension prevailing there.
The dignitaries who avoided the celebrations included Chief Minister Digambar Kamat, Revenue Minister Jose Philip D’Sozua, Member of Parliament Francisco Sardinha, MLA Milind Naik.


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