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Mr Azad asks government for a Separate Bill

Speaking in the House on the suspension order of the Opposition members after Zero Hour, Mr Azad asked the Government to bring a separate Bill to ensure that private players did not buy below the Minimum Support Price and that MSP was decided by the Swaminathan formula.

Referring to the Sunday’s incidents which had culminated in the suspension order, he said, no one was happy with the incidents that had taken place in the House. “The public want that their leaders be heard. No one can put across their views in just two-three minutes. There will be 90 per cent de-escalation if MPs are not constrained by time to speak”, he said.

The Congress MP, urging for revocation of the suspension order, said, “What happened the day before yesterday in the House is the last straw on the camel’s back. Attempts are being made to pass every Bill. MPs are not being given time to talk. Time constraint has become the biggest conflict in the House.”

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