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Mr CM, 51 per cent increases in rape cases in Goa


While at a recent function at the IIT campus in Mumbai, Goa Chief Minister said that incidents like the Delhi gang-rape would not happen in Goa, but interestingly for the Year 2012 the number of rape cases have increased by 51 per cent when compared to Year 2011.

Police records reveal that in the Year 2011 there were 33 registered rape-related cases, but in 2012 this number has increased to 50 cases. 

There is no doubt that the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has asked the police force to show zero tolerances to offences against women, this however, has not been able to translate into reduction in the numbers of rapes in the last year;  larger path of which was ruled by the BJP-MGP-GVP alliances.

Now however, cops in plain clothes will be patrolling the public transport system in Goa while a separate 24×7 desk would be set up in all police stations across the state to help women in distress.


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