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Mr Modi – Why are you silent on the rapes of our daughters

Prime Minister Narendra Modi it is with utmost disgust, disappointment and disillusionment that I write this article.

For a political leader who constantly takes to social media to share his achievements and views, your deliberate silence on the horrific rape cases in Unnao in UP and Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir is not only disturbing but shocking.

I am a father of two girls age 11 and 13, like every father I fear for their lives and work towards creating a protective atmosphere for them to live life secure and free from the evils of this world. Like me, many Indian parents want the best for their children. The family of the two girls would also have the same dreams.

Your party’s government in Uttar Pradesh under Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath washed their hands of the horrific rape of a 17-yr old girl by the accused who is a BJP MLA. The UP government failed to arrest the alleged rapist and passed the buck on to the CBI, even though they registered a case under the powerful POCSO law, where the accused has to be arrested if the victim of a sexual crime is a minor, the UP Police did not have the courage to do so.

News is coming in that CBI plans to arrest Kuldeep Sengar today. But it is simply unacceptable that Yogi Adityanath’s government failed to act in fairness. I am sure you are aware that the father of the victim died after being thrashed in judicial custody for demanding justice for his daughter. Is this the ’New India’ you promised, where an accused rapist who is a BJP leader is protected. The UP government even tells the High Court that there is no evidence to arrest the alleged rapist MLA.

The heinous crime in Jammu and Kashmir on the 8-yr old girl Asifa has me seething in anger. The rapists repeatedly raped the innocent young girl inside a temple and then bludgeoned her to death. Have you even bothered to read the report about the barbaric and demonic acts of the rapists. And your leaders in J & K are working to turn the issue into a Hindu and Muslim communal issue.

Such blatant arrogance on part of your leaders – ministers in the government – and even the Congress leaders supporting this shameful effort to turn the issue into a Hindu and Muslim rivalry issue is condemnable.

Your shameless spokespersons even had the audacity to defend these rogues who do not value this young girl as a human and see her as a person of a particular religion. Is this what Hinduism teaches? If this is what your leaders and spokesperson think Hinduism is about? I must say that this is not Hinduism but religious fanaticism and political sycophancy. Each one of spokesperson wants a CBI probe on both the cases and I am shocked by this excuse because BJP in both states is in the drivers seat to make a difference. Are you trying to tell the people of India that the local police in the BJP-led governments have no power or competency to investigate a rape case.

I seriously think you need to conduct a teaching session of the true tenets of Hinduism. You could probably get Yogi Adityanath to do it – who is a Yogi – who practices and preaches the values of Hinduism but decides to put all his religious values that Hinduism teaches about the respectability for a girl child (Shakti) in the garbage by not acting as a human but a politician in the Unnao rape case in UP.

Why are you silent Mr Modi? Do you condone the actions of your leaders in UP and J & K or do you condemn it?

Few months back you wrote a book ‘Exam Warriors’ to reach out to young India and inspire them with confidence. The girls raped in Unnao and Kathua were apart of this young India. Do you have a consoling statement to make to their families in your repertoire of orations? Do you have the courage to come out and condemn these horrific crimes and force the machinery to act responsibly? What are going to do to show young India – our girls and our boys that you are not just a talker but a doer and that your heart bleeds for these young girls raped and one even murdered.

If you don’t open your mouth, let me assure you that your government will lose the confidence of the people of India, just like BJP in Goa lost the confidence feel from 22 seats to 13 seats in Goa Assembly Elections of the people when it failed to bring the rapist of a 7-yr old in Goa to book. Till today even after CBI investigations the rapist who entered a school and raped a young girl is free and unknown. I remember the girl’s father telling me, that curse from his family will bring down the BJP in Goa because they failed to get his daughter justice.

You must remember that God listens to the cries of the young children. The young girl Asifa’s blood is now mixed in the ground of our Bharat Mata and it is crying for justice.

Come out and speak out Mr Modi. Sack your ministers in J & K for their ridiculous acts to turn the issue communal, teach your spokesperson that India and our children are above any political party and have that alleged rapist Kuldeep Sengar be arrested and if proven guilty (which I believe he his because no dying father would lie about the trauma of his daughter on his death bed) make sure that he is punished.

Do not for a moment even make the mistake to take the people of India for granted and make this a mere statistic or political drama. This New India will be unforgiving. They will no longer be ‘Mitrons’.

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com

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