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Mr Parrikar ‘War on Drugs’ A Serious Commitment!

On the onset let me apologize for not being able to attend your Press Conference as I was on a flight back to Goa but I did catch its coverage on a local television channel. After watching it repeatedly I must openly state that I have never been so disappointed about the callousness you have shown towards an incident of this nature, which displays the pathetic state of affairs in Goa. When a foreign mob can hold to ransom a main artery road of a State in India – NH 17 Highway – destroy public property and even get into a clash with the local police who seemed to be taking the ‘Atithi Deva Bhavo’ ideology very seriously, then your police department and you as Home Minister has failed in your principle role in the administration of law and order. When a group of over 100 Nigerians take to the streets in defiance of the laws of the state and country, then their very penetration in the state is off an alarming nature.

You talk about the police force being outnumbered to tackle the sudden Nigerian mob. You also poke fun at your own police force while stating an obvious fact that it would take ten police officers to pin down one Nigerian since they are more stronger and violent than the Goan police officer. Then you go on to blame the Congress for the current pathetic state of the Goa police force. Seriously, you are an intelligent politician and a respected one. Do you really expect the people of Goa to fall for your ‘Blame Congress’ for every failure that you cannot control?. Let me ask you a simple question. PI Nilesh Rane has been an officer that has been known to walk the often unethical path that some police-officers do – a known fact at Margao and Colva Police stations where he was posted. You have him transferred to Calangute – a very sensitive and popular police station. You transfer PI Nolasco Raposo who worked hard to shutdown the drugs and prostitution trade, especially clamp down on the Nigerians. I know, I assisted Raposo in one such raid of a prostitution racket. Your own ministers and senior police officials have told me that it appeared that you succumbed to political pressure of one of your ministers and colleague who has been known to be alleged ‘curled up’ in the drug trade. The entire PI Raposo team was changed because of a frivolous complaint of police brutality which has now been proved baseless.

You once again draw the former Home Minister Ravi Naik into the discussion of alleged links in the police-politician drug nexus. Yet not once have you taken a stand to prove that Ravi Naik or Roy Naik are involved the drug-racket or taken any firm action on the allegations you made when you were the Opposition Leader now that you are Chief Minister. Reams of information indicate that there is undoubtedly a police-politician drug nexus that could also reach the door-step of the former Home Minister and also one of your minister that in the past has been alleged to be linked to the drug trade. But yet other than the House Committee not concrete has been done from your end on the drug issue. The House Committee headed by Mickky Pacheco which submitted its report  was delayed because of the lack of support from the highest ranking police official of Goa – DGP Kishan Kumar. Yet no action against this senior police official is questionable.

You say police were outnumbered to take any action such as lathi-charge or tear gas. Let me refresh your memory on a  recent mob incident in Colva when an irate mob broke the police jeep in an attempt to attack the alleged molesters of a young minor. At that time most of the police officers were attending Bandobhast of a VVIP to the state. Few police at the police station faced an irate and almost violent mob that would kill those alleged molesters. Your police resorted to lath-charge and tear gas. At Porvorim a mob of foreigners having no respect to the laws of our land, hold our mainland and people to ransom by blocking the NH-17 highway and you pass it off as police were outnumbered. I am willing to understand that maybe aggression at that time would have led to a vicious blood-bath on the streets of Porvorim.
But let me draw your attention to a very important aspect of this whole episode. Over a 100 Nigerians were at Parra, Mapusa gathered after the death of a fellow colleague in an alleged drug turf-war tussle. While this was happening, there is not a single police intelligence tracking their movements which finally culminate near O Coqueiro’s in Porvorim. Don’t you see this as a complete failure of police intelligence to not have enough information to preempt such an action by the mob or even control them at Parra itself and not allow them to hijack the main NH-17 Highway.

Now let’s come to the most important aspect. You have stated that cases will be booked against locals who attacked the Nigerians in front of the police.  Let me explain to you the situation in more simple words. You have guests at your home and you treated them with Indian hospitality. But the guests misunderstand your kindness and starts decaying your home with its filth. They even go to the extent of hijacking your entry and exit into your property. They turn violent and start smashing things around your property. You call the police, but they feel complete weak in the knees to handle these brutish guests. You try to reason with guests but they don’t listen. What would you expect the owners of the house to do? This is Goa must Mr Parrikar. And this is the land of us – Goenkar. No Nigerian, Russian, Israeli can hold our people to ransom in our own land. Rohan Khaunte – Porvorim MLA took a good stand defending his constituency and people from such a brutish irate mob.

Mr Parrikar as a friend and as someone whom you respect its time for us as Goans and you as the Chief Minister get serious on the ‘War on Drugs’. It can start be shutting down all the illegal nightlife in Goa, especially the rave parties. It can start by a crackdown of foreigner working in Goa without valid work-visa. It can start by setting firm laws on rent and lease of apartments by locals to foreigners. But most importantly it can only move forward if you make the police force accountable for their failures and get better police personnel.

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