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Mr Rajinikanth: The political simpleton

I normally do not have a fanboy complex over film stars. I do, however, have admiration for people who battle all odds in life to carve a niche for themselves in this highly competitive and ruthless world; but with Rajinikanth, meeting him was beyond a fanboy moment, it was more of meeting someone whom I find very inspiring and admire.

I see Rajinikanth as a story many should learn from and emulate. He has achieved this God-like respectability because even though he has garnered tremendous success in his life, he continues to remain a man of humility and simplicity.

I met this wonderful man in Chennai earlier this year in March. I was touched by his kindness and simplicity when he agreed to spend time with me discussing the people of Tamil Nadu and his dreams for the people of Tamil Nadu.

I was in awe of him as an actor for many years because of his rags to riches story that is so inspirational, so I was touched when I realized that I was not interacting with Rajinikanth – the Superstar but Rajinikanth – the Simple Man.

If I was to describe in one word, then that word would be – humane.

He encapsulates the essence and beauty of the people of Tamil Nadu – simple, honest, tenacious, and fiercely protective of their rich culture and heritage yet accepting of people outside of Tamil Nadu who respect and blend with their culture.

He is a story of determination, dedication, and devotion to one’s profession and one’s role as a human in our society. His story is not only inspirational but aspirational.

Rajinikanth is not your quintessential politician. He never was and will never be a politician. He is not self-centered or of a deviant nature. He is in that sense, a simpleton, when I compare him to politicians I have interacted with before. More importantly, he is driven by the spirituality that nudges him forward to serve people.

I do not think Rajinikanth is a true-blooded politician and this is the sole reason I support his intent to enter into the political arena of Tamil Nadu. India and in particular Tamil Nadu needs to see a new breed of politicians. A breed of politicians who work to answer a need of the people, rather than their own personal greed.

Rajinikanth is a peoples person. At the core of his intent is servitude. He wants to serve the people of India by serving the people of Tamil Nadu. He is not like some of the existing Tamil leaders who do not take pride in being Indian or those who see their Tamil identity as being different from their Indian reality. He is an Indian, he acts like one, talks like one, and works for Tamil Nadu as being an integral part of India.

Like I told him when I met him, if you think you will win the elections because of your movie fans, then you must correct that assumption. You will win people’s support because you will rise beyond your movie fans and touch the hearts of the people of Tamil Nadu with your vision and your mission for the state.

The people of Tamil Nadu are yearning for a change. Many are tired of the two popular political parties AIADMK and DMK. But they have no alternative but to choose from the lesser of the two evils at that point in time during elections.

Rajinikanth is that light at the end of the tunnel who will be the catalyst for a systemic change in Tamil Nadu. A systemic change that Tamil Nadu so badly needs at this point in time.

Rajinikanth is also the candle that will illuminate the blossoming of the Lotus in Tamil Nadu. If Rajinikanth teams up with BJP, AIADMK, and other political allies in the forthcoming elections; DMK, which is the current favorite to win the elections, will find it difficult to get back into power. The single-minded agenda or strategy should be to defeat DMK. DMK is cancer in Tamil Nadu that needs to be culled. They are more dangerous than AIADMK.

I can understand the thought process in the mind of Rajnikanth. The uncertainty of taking a leap into this muck of politics. It was not easy to take this decision. It is not easy to fight powers and people rooted in unbridled corruption and years of political machinations.  It is not easy to fight large money war chests that are plunged into election warfare. But I am glad, he has taken the decision to enter into the political ring and give the people of Tamil Nadu a chance to be a part of a Better Tamil Nadu.

He is of course a novice in the political arena, a cub in front of seasoned scavengers, even though he is a popular social figure with a tremendous fan following.

He has a vision. His vision is a larger vision and mission which is a march towards self-dependency and self-sustainability. His mantra is about growing Tamil Nadu and through that growing India.

He wants to empower the people of Tamil Nadu. 

He wants them to believe in themselves and in their importance to the future of Tamil Nadu. 

He wants to be the beacon of hope to the people of Tamil Nadu and not just an occupant of the Chief Minister’s chair.

He wants to stir in the people of Tamil Nadu a revolution to work towards a better Tamil Nadu.

He wants the people of Tamil Nadu to believe in themselves, that the power to change the future of Tamil Nadu does not lie with two political parties and certain political families but it lies with the people of Tamil Nadu.

He wants to see a wave of this belief, that each and every person of Tamil Nadu proudly states that ‘I am Tamil Nadu’.

I have said this before and I will continue to say it, “Rajinikanth is the change-manager Tamil Nadu so desperately needs.”

On your birthday Mr. Rajinikanth, let me openly state, that you are a blessed man and you are an inspiration to the people of Tamil Nadu and to the people of India.

Stay blessed always!




Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief
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