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MSME sector is the key focus area of NDA govt : Modi

Dharapuram: Averringthe MSME sector was the backbone of the economy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today
said this key sector was one of the focus areas of the NDA government at the centre.

Addressing an election rally here, he said the MSMEs went out of the way to held people last year (pandemic)
and assured that his government and he was personally committed to do everything possible for their growth.
Pointing out that the key focus area of the government was the MSME sector, he said his government has changed the criteria for MSMEs and had made business easier for a lot of people.

He said Rs 14,000 crore has been sanctioned for 3.6 lakh msmes in this state. almost 1.5 lakh people related to
the msme sector have benefitted from the interest subvention scheme for msmes.

He said 8.5 lakh msmes have got benefit of credit guarantee fund transfer and the government had taken many measures to end harassment by tax officials.

Quoting Thirukkural, which gives respect for farmers and support others who could not till their land, Mr Modi said the agricultural sector need urgent reforms and modernisation.

He said the priority of the NDA government was the welfare of small farmers and also initiated reforms that will relieve them from the pressure of middlemen.

Mr Modi also recalled the steps taken under Jal jeevan mission to overcome the water shortage faced by the agri
sector, the promise of Rs 6,000 annual stipend to farmers and fishermen.

Stating that India was ranked in the top on ease of doing business among the world, he said the government
brought in reforms last year and the poroduction linked incentive scheme was introduced last December.

He said the defence corridor in Tamil Nadu will bring many beneifts for the people of the state and recalled
his joy a month ago when he dedicated to the nation a battle tank made in Tamil nadu that will protect
the country’s northern borders.

Mr Modi said, similarly, Tamil nadu will also have a toy cluster that show the way in making top quality
toys for the world Mr Modi ended his address by urging the people to read the BJP’s manifesto in detail and said ‘together we will serve and will serve you all and fulfil your dreams’.

‘We guarantee better future for your children’, he said, adding, ‘thank you for coming in large numbers for blessing us.’.

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