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Multi-Storeyed Parking To Be Golden Jubilee Gift For Margao?

Chief Minister Digambar Kamat who also represents Margao in the Goa Legislative Assembly while stating that Margao Municipal Council has been asked to name an asset creating project for the city to be remembered as the Golden Jubilee gift for it, indicated that the multi-storeyed parking lot could be that project.
Recalling that a multi-storeyed parking project was recommended when he was a councilor more than 15 years ago, he admitted that it has not seen the light of the day primarily because it was not followed up properly.

He said this project was suggested by the councilors as the Golden Jubilee project for Margao. There were some other suggestions too like gates at the entrance to the city, parks and subway at Marliz.
However, he revealed that he had asked the Council to move the proposal for the multi-storeyed parking which could be constructed on BOOT basis with the council providing the land and the private investor sharing the revenue.
Replying to a question, he ruled out the possibility of the government investing in this project arguing that “it was not feasible”.
MMC had identified two sites for multi-storeyed parking, the first being the old bus stand and the second being the old fish market behind municipal building.

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