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Mum-Goa cruise line services to start in Dec: Gadkari

Now Mumbaikars can flock to their favorite tourist destination Goa on board a cruise with cruise line services between Mumbai and Goa beginning in the first week of December.

“Cruise liners will reduce pollution and tourists will enjoy the experience of travelling by inland waterways.If the project proves to be successful, more waterways for ferry services would be developed,” expressed Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Shipping.

The minister further added that hotels in Goa have been requested to construct floating jetties to facilitate ferrying tourists to their resorts.

However, while hoteliers have lauded the idea of the cruise line service between Mumbai and Goa, the idea of hotels having floating jetties did not appeal to the Goan hoteliers on grounds of safety and security to tourists.

“Hotels putting up their own floating platforms for berthing was not only outrageous, but also unsafe in open and rough seas. He said the easier solution would be to have smaller ships or ferries, which do not need deep draft and can enter a river and berth on the bank.This will deliver guests closer to the numerous hotels inland at a much lower cost compared to costs of offshore berthing platforms. Such vessels are successfully operated all over the world,” expressed Francisco Braganza, President, Travel & Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG).

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