Mumbai Celebrated an Evening of Quality Literary Poetry with Famous Sufi Singers Fareed Sabri and Ameen Sabri


The evening was perfect and the audience was agerly waiting for the soulful music to reverberate in their ears. After all, who would not want to get mesmerized by the soulful renditions of renowned singers, the Sabri Brothers – Fareed Sabri and Ameen Sabri. The Y B Chavan Auditorium in Nariman Point, Mumbai was packed with music connoisseurs on 13th January, 2018 who had come to attend “Meeraas” – The Heritage by Pasbaan-e-Adab Association. This annual ritual gets on stage the best-known works of great Indian poets, and it is screened along with a live rendition of one of their best works to a selected gathering.

Musical Evening with Sabri Brothers – Fareed Sabri and Ameen Sabri

India is a rich blend of composite culture and heritage, and this beautiful fusion has made India a country that has abundant of diversity in music. The soul of this beautiful amalgamation is brought out by the efforts of some like the Pasbaan-e-Adab Association, which espouses the cause of protecting and promoting the art and literature of India.

This year’s fifth edition was no different, and it was all made possible with the courtesy of the great efforts and dedication of the President of Pasbaan-e-Adab, Mr. Quaiser Khalid, Special IG for Protection of Civil Rights and PAW (Prevention of Atrocities on Women), to organise this evening of poetry dedicated to peace and communal harmony. It is his invaluable support and guidance that the initial ideation of Pasbaan-e-Adab has gained so much momentum and earned this deal of respect in the literature world. The works of nine Internationally renowned singers were screened in the auditorium along with short documentaries on life and times of these great poets. It was followed by live rendition of one of the famous poetry by the legendary Sufi singers – Fareed Sabri and Ameen Sabri, better known as the Sabri Brothers.

This annual event, which attracts music lovers from far and wide, was covered and broadcast by various TV channels, and the same was uploaded to YouTube for better circulation. It was all done so that the great literary works from these renowned poets and their worldly wisdom get exposure to a much larger audience to be duly recognized and appreciated. The Pasbaan-e-Adab Association puts in a lot of effort to research about the great singers and poets of this country so that they get their dues. Their life and works are carefully documented, and the same was presented to the audience in the form of documentaries to spread their loud and clear messages. This fifth edition was solely dedicated to the purpose of peace and communal harmony, which came out beautifully with the expressive voice of the Sabri Brothers.

About Paasban-e-Adab

The Heritage organized by the Paasban-e-Adab Association has been actively involved in promoting poetry festivals. People from all walks of life, be it the top-notch bureaucrats to the eager students, all those who have a fascination for music throng the venue in large numbers. The theme is carefully selected so as to promote brotherhood and unity among the folks and establish peace among the masses. The association firmly believes that music is a powerful tool that has the ability to transform human minds to embrace love and accept peace. Talking about the efforts of Meeraas, The Heritage by Pasbaan-e-Adab Association in restoring the art and religion form have been appreciated by one and all, and it is their constant endeavor to bring harmony of human beings with core values intact.
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