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Mumbai Police mishandle Arnab Goswami & Family during the arrest

Mumbai: Over a dozen officers of the Mumbai Police on Wednesday morning reached Editor-In-Chief Arnab Goswami’s residence. The Mumbai Police manhandled Arnab Goswami and as many as 10 police personnel entered the residence of Arnab, with the video captured LIVE. They pushed and heckled Arnab demanding he come out.

In a video recorded of Samyabrata Ray Goswami, wife of Arnab Goswami says, she was inside the house when the Mumbai Police entered Arnab’s residence said, “About 8 o clock, about 10 policemen barged in. About 1.15 we had come home last night, so we were sleeping and we said that pleas give us 10-15 minutes. Arnab was not feeling well, he needed his medicines but 20 minutes was much of a time for Mumbai Police, they kept banging. Our cameras were not switched on till then, but they thrashed Arnab, they switched off their own camera as well. They held him by hair, Arnab said I want my lawyer. They forced me to sign some paper. They snatched it out of my hand and tore. I need total the courts of India but they said you cannot write. They told Arnab that they will take him to Raigad Police Station. For about 20 minutes, Arnab said that let me take medicines, we could not even tell our parents, there were lady cops who stopped us.”

She also said, Police manhandled Arnab Goswami and the investigating officer threatened Arnab, stating “I am capable of anything.”

The Mumbai Police blocked Republic Executive editor Niranjan Narayanswamy and senior associate editor Sanjay Pathak from entering Arnab’s residence. 8 police vehicles and around 40-50 Police personnel are in the building premises of Arnab. When Niranjan said that it is his right to report, he was thrown out of the building and the Mumbai Police wanted his phone.

The Mumbai Police after physically assaulting Republic Media Network’s Editor in Chief Arnab Goswami arrested him and is taking him to the Raigad police station in a case which was earlier closed. While the cops were forcefully putting Arnab away in another van, he tried to say something to the camera before the cops took him away. “They beat my son” Arnab Goswami managed to mouth through the van’s window after the shocking assault by Mumbai Police at his house.

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