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Mumbai Police TRP scam FIR mentions India Today and not Republic TV

I have been a journalist since 2001.

Never in my career as a journalist, have I encountered such an ‘egg on the face’ moment.

Some sections of the media were on overdrive; their mental orgasmic condition was because of one man – the Mumbai Commissioner of Police, Param Bir Singh.

Param Bir Singh took a press conference to expose the TRP scam on media channels and named Republic TV as one of the TV channels named in the alleged TRP scam.

Arnab Goswami has over the last several months has legitimately taken the Mumbai Police Commissioner to Mumbai’s famed Dhobi Ghat and battered him relentless over the alleged stains of corruption and dereliction of duty in the investigations into the Sushant Rajput death and Disha Salian death case.

TV channels with their fading viewership and biased journalism went hammer and tongs against Republic TV over the reported TRP scam. They thought they found a hook to bring Arnab Goswami and the Republic Network to book.

Amusingly, however, the FIR filed by the Mumbai police in the TRP scam does not name Republic TV but India Today.

FIR - BARC Allegation Mumbai

The even more fun aspect of the entire last few hours post the TRP scam news broke out is the fact the two channels India Today and TimesNow went on an overdrive accusing Republic Network a huge crime; when in actuality it is the fading TV news channel India Today with its even more fading journalistic faces of Rahul Kanwal and Rajdeep Sardessai that are accused in the FIR of paying some public to view their fading channel to increase their TRPs.

FIR BARC - Note (1)

In fact, who Rahul Kanwal holds a senior position in the India Today channel, started acting like a dog on heat, waiting for an orgasmic burst.

I know you could consider it unparliamentary for me to draw such humourous and smutty comparisons between Rahul Kanwal’s behaviour and a dog on heat but there is no other way to describe his orgasmic behaviour. It was certainly not one of responsibility and truth but juvenile mental masturbation.

Republic TV has been targeted because it is in the pursuit of the truth on my controversial issues involving powerful lobbies.

But there is no lobby more powerful than the lobby of people who pursue the truth and have the support of the nation.

We as GoaChronicle have learned that when we stand by the truth, even our enemies fear and respect us.

For the last ten days, I have personally been advised by watchers to lie low. I have disabled my Whatsapp and my often used public number. I was told that some people have their focus on me and might want to harm me, so I need to be careful.

People will come after Arnab and people we come after me for our pursuits but we both feed off each other’s pursuit for the truth and our immense belief that we owe our duty to our nation.

More importantly like Arnab and me, slowly more nationalistic journalists are coming together with the rest of the patriots in India to fight for the truth, to protect our sovereignty, and to work towards a Better India for all Indians.

As a citizen and as a journalist, I stand with Arnab and Republic TV.

My advice to the other TV channels and media houses. Truth is the foundation of journalism. If your foundation is not the truth, then you are not a journalist but a peddler of lies and propaganda.

I know there will be more attacks on Arnab and Republic Network team from all corners but I also know Arnab is a fighter and he has a stellar fight team.

Keep moving forward Republic Network.






Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief
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