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Murder for Revenge at Dona Paula


Panjim police arrested Shamsunder Anchan at the Panjim Kadamba bus stand while trying to flee from Goa after murdering his former colleague and critical injuring his wife at a guest house at Dona Paula.
The 27 year old Shamsunder was employed as a manager at the guest house. However, the owner of the guest house sacked him after he was accused of sending abusive SMS to the guest house caretaker’s wife.

But, Shamsunder thought that he was sacked because Siddhanath Alure who was working as a receptionist at the guest house, along with his wife Rajashree had poisoned the owner’s mind against him.
Shamsunder arrived at the guest house on Saturday and accosted Siddhanath Alure. After slitting Alure’s throat, and after calling Rajashree upstairs he stabbed her in the stomach and fled from the scene.
After Rajashree came out of the guest house with the knife still sticking in her stomach, people came to know about the gruesome crime and police swung into action and arrested the suspect.
Shamsunder has a history of criminal activities and was in fact charge sheeted for murder about five years ago. However, he was acquitted in that case but was subsequently arrested for other criminal offences.
Rajashree has been admitted to Goa Medical College, where her condition is stated to be critical.


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