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Murder Most Foul: Prakash

United Tribals Associations Alliance President and Chairman of Adarsh Farmers’ Co-operative Society Prakash Velip deeply regretted the ugly turn of events on Wednesday evening and said it was murder most foul.
Velip who appeared quite shaken up with the death of the two persons, said they were murdered in full view of the police who did nothing to stop the heinous act.
“After the agitation was called off and people had dispersed, around six UTAA activists went to the Adarsh Society building to have a cup of tea,” he said adding that when they were inside the building, some goons set the building on fire.

Velip said two persons managed to escape but were caught by the goons, beaten up and thrown in the burning building, while the four who were on the first floor of the building were rescued by the Fire Services personnel.
“What is unfortunate is that the police did nothing to stop either the building from being set on fire or the two youngsters being beaten and thrown in the fire,” he said.
Replying to a question, he said the society had suffered a loss of around Rs. 7 crore. Besides the building being destroyed, all the stock of cashew nuts, coconuts, etc., has been destroyed. The society’s two vehicles, Velip’s personal vehicles and some vehicles of the staff have also been destroyed.
“All our records are destroyed and that is the worst blow,” he said while pointing out that the agitation had nothing to do with the functioning of the society.
“I do not think the building was set on fire by residents of Balli as many of them are members of the society,” he said implying that it was conspiracy hatched to get back at him.

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