Murder Most Foul…

When murder is reported the easy way out is to blame it on theft of valuables or the “outsider”/migrant working in the vicinity. The circumstantial evidence is always tampered with by the family members ,the Aarushi case is a case in point. Diverting the attention of the Investigating Authority by giving false information  wastes precious time and does not take the investigation to its logical conclusion. It gives time to the murderer to cover up his/her tracks. Delayed justice is the cause of a lot of evidence getting destroyed. The human rights of the victim cry for justice but collecting clinching evidence hampers and delays  it.

The police do need assistance from the relatives , the general public and the circumstantial evidence to unearth the murder, however everyone remains tight-lipped or non cooperative

The  family of the deceased tamper with the scene of offense which is a crucial factor in the reconstruction of the missing link in the factual details of the heinous crime. Those who know do not come forward to disclose as they do not want to be implicated in a legal case or incur ire of the criminal.

Four gruesome murders of middle aged / older women have taken place in just a month in the recent past. This is a grave cause for concern. The murdered women have been in the age group of 35 to 65years.

In one case a woman from Ponda was killed at Usgao by smashing her head with a huge stone .Rumours were rife that she was mentally unsound due to domestic problems. Are we aware of the Mental Health Act by which both the family and the State would necessarily have to provide medical treatment and protect such a person may be even institutionalise to keep the person away from harm’s way ? Our unconcerned /uncaring attitude to the mentally sick causes loss of life.   Sometime before this incident another murdered body was found in this area. Is there a serial killer lurking around ? Unless murder mysteries are solved it is unsafe for women to be moving alone.

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